Green, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable Furniture From Salvaged & Reclaimed Wood

Milbourn Woodworks Inc. is a cultivated team of woodworkers led by Malachi Milbourn who originally founded the company under the name Against the Grain in 2009.

Our niche lies in building and finishing a craftsman style line of furniture by using urban salvaged woods, which gives our pieces a soulful look and feel, while also employing a more sustainable approach. We like to believe that we are not only beautifying our habitat, but more importantly, respecting our habitat.

We create our habitat!

Milbourn furniture makers are a team of skilled craftsman who have a passion in wildlife conservation and forest stewardship. There is a symbiotic relationship to man and the forest. Our aim is to protect the land and we are inspired by nature. We are saddened by the waste of beautiful old wood during historical home demolitions or the tossing of perfectly good trees due to urban growth and development. We combine that love of wood harvested from our local forest with our passion for art and craft. We choose to utilize materials that have been recycled, reclaimed, or salvaged. By creating sustainable furniture we are respecting our habitat. Milbourn Woodworks is hoping to see our world evolve to find real solutions within alternative building materials and methods. It is very important to manage forests responsibly. Even though we have a very small role we hope to change industrial patterns and prevent complete destruction of our most valuable assets.

Sustainable Green Furniture

Learn about our eco-friendly sourcing practices.

Urban Salvaged Lumber

Working with urban arborists to save precious wood from landfills and firepits.


Reclaimed & Recycled Timber

Repurposing  wood resources before they hit the landfill.


Sustainable Green Furniture Made in Portland, Or
Sustainable Green Furniture Handmade in Portland, Or
Sustainable Eco-Friendly Furniture Made in Portland, Or